ePortfolio Rewards

So it’s time for my annual review at work and my dean and I were discussing what I should focus on when I wrote up a required explanation of some of the contributions I’d made to Lane this year.

The thought of making this decision overwhelmed me a little, because when I really began to think about it, I realized that this had been a quite productive year for me, and that I’d made many contributions.  However, most of these contributions were “small” in the grand scale of things–projects I’d done as part of committee work, conferences I’d attended, new iterations of courses I teach, and event planning.  This made it hard to choose one or even several contributions that accurately and holistically represented the work I’d done this year.

Then, suddenly, it hit me.  I tell my students all the time that one of the big benefits of having an ePortfolio is to be able to share with others what you are, have been, or will be working on all in one place.  Now was an opportunity to take my own advice.  Instead of trying to choose among my contributions to find a few that were representative or having to start an explanation of my contributions from scratch, I was able to simply submit my ePortfolio link with a few sentences of contextual explanation.

In my ePortfolio, administrators can see not just a list of my contributions but also documentation of these contributions in various forms, as well as my personal reflection on each of these contributions.

While it is certainly a ton of work to create and maintain an ePortfolio, it is quite a joy and a relief to me to know that all the hard work I’ve put into my own ePortfolio will be one of the ways in which my overall job performance is evaluated.   And this is one of the many rewards I’ve reaped so far in my ePortfolio journey.


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