Frustration Central!

One of the things I have to remind myself about learning new technologies is that it’s often the simplest things that hang us up and make us the most frustrated and ready to give up.

Recently I’ve become fairly adept at navigating the tools in WordPress–at least the basic ones.  As I was preparing to teach tomorrow, I wanted to add a new, embedded page in my ePortfolio.  I thought I’d figured out how to do this already.  So I tried what I thought would work.  I easily created the embedded page and assigned it to the appropriate “parent page.”  However I could NOT get the page to show up in the navigation bar, which meant that the page was inaccessible to anyone looking for it.

I used the WordPress “help” search, which led me to what I thought was exactly the right instructions to fix the problem.  I did *everything* the instructions told me to do…once…twice…three times.  The third time was NOT the charm.  I searched around for fellow colleagues who use WordPress.  Of course none were to be found.  I gave up, deleted the embedded page, and started over, hoping that this might magically solve the problem.  Of course, it didn’t.

Then I just started playing.  And after a while I realized that while I’d created the “custom menu” required, I had missed the tab that allows me to set this custom menu as the navigation bar for my blog.  DUH!  How could I have missed that big old tab that was staring back at me all along?  Oh ya, I was too wrapped up in my frustration to “see” anything and too convinced I’d already tried “everything.”

My own frustration and one tiny little detail almost defeated me.  I guess the important part is that it was an “almost.”



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