From Frustration to Fun

So many people told me when I began building this ePortfolio that WordPress was going to be easy to learn, that I’d quickly figure out how to do the things I wanted to do, and that using features would fast become more like a reflex than a challenge.  This non-tech savvy girl did not believe them.  Not one bit.  Especially the first few weeks that I was trying to get the skeleton of this ePortfolio together.  But, I now must admit, they were…right. 

I won’t say that I’ve learned everything on the first try, and I’ve certainly had to ask for help both from the WordPress Help page and from colleagues and friends along the way, but I realized this morning, as I was working on my ePortfolio that I was actually having fun.  I was no longer frustrated and agitated and I no longer had to look up instructions for every single thing I was trying to do (not that this means I didn’t have to look up some of them). I was having fun.  AND I was able to really focus on crafting, revising, and re-thinking the material in my ePortfolio and how it was presenting myself and my ideas to the reader, rather than on wondering if I’d be able to figure out how to make WordPress do the things I wanted it to do. 

I certainly still have a lot to learn and try.  But I’m proud to say that I’ve reached the tipping point between being frustrated by the technology and having fun with the options it offered me to build an ePortfolio. 


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