Learning…One Tiny Step At a Time

So today I met with other Honors folks to discuss ePortfolios and to decide on a clear vision of what we want our ePortfolio model to do/be for our students.  It was great to find out that we were on the same page for “big picture” issues and to have the chance to really discuss some of the details we needed to agree upon as we move forward.  But what was best of all was that we got to share tips and “how to’s” for WordPress–the nuts and bolts of building ePortfolios on this platform. One of the things I most enjoy about this undertaking is that working in WordPress and building an ePortfolio is  so new to me that I get to be (not so gently) reminded how lost, scared, confused, and frustrated my students might be as they also begin this undertaking.  It’s a great reminder for me as an instructor to be sure that I show patience, compassion, and understanding as students face their own obstacles in this process.  It’s also a reminder that sometimes the littlest detail or simplest task may seem overwhelming when it’s new and you aren’t yet confident that you can do it.  In other words, a reminder that genuine learning happens one tiny step at a time.


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