Where Oh Where Do I Even Begin?

And this is the question for me–where to even begin.  As someone who knows just enough about technology to get by, and has worked really hard to keep my online presence to a minimum, I have to admit that the thought of creating my own ePortfolio feels not only challenging but also daunting and a wee bit terrifying.  While the professional part of my brain is convinced (and has been for a while) that ePortfolios are great spaces for students to learn, grow, reflect, and document their academic and career identities, my shy, private inner self is still reluctant to craft an ePortfolio.  But, since I have a motto that I won’t ask students to do things I wouldn’t do myself, and I really do believe that ePortfolios provide great benefits to students in their academic and professional careers, it’s time to “bite the bullet” as my father would say, and make my own ePortfolio.  This is going to be a steep, steep learning curve for a girl who’s not only teaching herself how to use WordPress, but in just over a month, will have to be confident enough to teach others how to do so.  I plan to document my struggles–technical and internal–as I begin to build the foundation of my ePortfolio both as a way to reflect on my own process and as a way to give my students insight into this process and the challenges that come along with it.


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